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MI Update: Proximos Breakfast, Meeting with the Mayor & Fun With Welding!

by Jeff Sprecher on 05/26/12



Our mechanical soy "cow"...

Nutrition has come to Proximos Pasos via a mechanical cow!  

For those of you who haven't yet heard, the mechanical cow produces sow milk and allows for our girls to have much needed protein as a part of their regular diet.  It also allows for the girls and their families to be able to make baked goods that will provide better nutrition.  This has been a tremendous blessing for our school and our village! For each 4.4 pound batch of soybeans processed, the Soy Cow can produce about 4 1/2 gallons of soy milk.  Most of the milk is used at Proximos Pasos for the girls but some of it is sent over to our sister school Escuela Vida y Esperanza for the students to purchase as a healthy snack. The Rotary Clubs that donated this soy mechanical cow to Proximos Pasos stay actively involved with the school and the nutritional goals and benefits for the girls. 

And if all that wasn't exciting enough for you there are the pancakes!  

Thanks to the mechanical cow at Proximos Pasos, we have been able to start holding regular pancake breakfast events with our girls.  The girls come to school an hour early and bring a single egg and a plantain.  We cook up their items along with freshly made soy flour pancakes for the girls to enjoy. It's a great time of fellowship and starts their school day off with a hearty and healthy nutritious breakfast that will help them to stay focused during their day of schooling!

This Thursday the Proximos Pasos school will be visited by the mayor of Sumpango and several members of the Guatemala Rotary Club to see firsthand the mechanical cow soy milk production.  Pray that God would continue to bless this very important project and use it to bless our community.

Got Milk???


The metal shop at Escuela Vida y Esperanza...

On Thursday and Friday a group of 10 basico students at our Vida y Esperanza school in the village of Santa Lucia will work on making the window security bars for the music room at the school.  They will be using the new metal shop and learning practical welding skills that will not only benefit our school but also open doors of opportunity for them to earn a living. 

The building progress at the school continues to be such a powerful display of God's provision far beyond anything that we could have hoped!  Short-term mission teams have been a big help in both raising funds for this process and in completing the necessary labor.  Recently, a team from Seacoast Church in South Carolina came and helped prepare the second story roof of the school addition for the pouring of the concrete.  This is an important step in the building process, but also a costly one.  Please pray for our school as we need to raise another $5,000 to finish the project.  Pray that God will burden the hearts of people with the financial means to provide for this very real need.  

The roof of the second floor gets ready for concrete...


Please pray for staff member Margarito Vasquez as he will be working with Oral Roberts University students in Santa Maria de Jesus making and installing fuel efficient stoves for members of the community!  Margarito works long hard hours in his village to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed with the people of his community.  This is a very valuable and life-changing ministry in Santa Maria and we are so thankful that God has brought Margarito into this position for such a time as this!

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1. Evelyn Pupchik said on 6/4/12 - 04:04PM
I loved reading about all the latest happenings that are going on with the different mission sites in the wonderful country of Guatemala. God is really moving in amazing ways through Mission Impact! Keep the blogs coming!

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